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Awesome Quote of the Month - August 2006

Put a sock in it Jess.

"Jessica Simpson Is Ordered on Vocal Rest"

- ABC News

Oh thank the good Lord! Now if only I could get her sister and Paris Hilton to catch that same virus, my plan will be a success!

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The Many Words of Lady Sovereign

'Ello there ol' champ. Whould you fancy some tea?
And now for the many words of Lady Sovereign...

"So I can't dance and I really can't sing, yeah I can only do one thing and that's be Lady Sovereign."

- Lady Sovereign
(That's for sure.)

"I'm fat, I need a diet"

- Lady Sovereign

"If you love me then thank you. If you hate me then %&$@ you."

- Lady Sovereign
(What do you think of me if I just don't give a crap?)

"J-Lo's got a batty, well you can't see mine cus I wear my trousers baggy."

- Lady Sovereign

Ah, England's finest! Sort of like a mix between a wannabe Missy Elliott combined with Pink, and a pack of cigarettes. Oh yeah, and all wrapped up in an Adidas hoodie.

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Quote of the Day - August 19/20, 2006

Xena? Come on!

"A planet is a celestial body that has sufficient mass for its self-gravity to overcome rigid body forces so that it assumes a hydrostatic equilibrium (nearly round) shape, and is in orbit around a star, and is neither a star nor a satellite of a planet."

- International Astronomers Union (IAU)

Where does that leave Star Jones?

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Degrassi Quote of the Day - August 16, 2006

Hun, I'm always right.

"Did you just skank-ify my friend?"

- Paige Michalchuk [Played by Lauren Collins]

*Snap* Oh no she didn't! Seriously, this show never gets old. Come on season six!

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Sick of Crap Music?

Are you sick of Nelly Furtado acting like a lost and confused member of the Pussycat Dolls, and Nick Lachey crying his eyes out in a pathetic and mediocre attempt to be melancholy? Well, have no fear, A Way With Word's is here! Hmm, that sounded disturbing. Anyway, here's my list of the best songs out there. Seriously, go out and listen to these songs. THEY ROCK! And you've probably never heard [most] of them before.

Awesome Album
Awesome Artist

Alone, Not Alone
by Montag


[Song Title] - [Artist]

Help Me - Timo Maas and Kelis
Shiny Disco Balls - Who Da Funk
Black Eyes - Snowden
Come Around - Snowden
Stop Your Bleeding - Snowden
Anti-Anti [Montag Remix] - Snowden
Time [Scumfrog Remix] - Murk
Devil Inside [Scumfrog Remix] - Utada Hikaru
Hole In The Head [Remix] - Sugababes
Heartbeat [Alan Braxe Remix] - Annie
Always Too Late (Y£$ Mix) - Annie
Anniemal - Annie
Greatest Hit - Annie
Stand [The Scumfrog Re-Hash] - Jewel
Ordinary Day - The DirtMitts
Strange - The DirtMitts
Avalon [Jacques Lu Cont Versus Remix] - Juliet
Kumo No Ito - Mika Nakashima
Hi No Tori - Mika Nakashima
glamorous sky - Mika Nakashima feat. Nana
Blind - Lifehouse
Into The Sun - Lifehouse
Fall Down - Pilate
Alright - Pilate
Brother - The Organ
Lose Control [Scumfrog Remix] - Missy Elliott
Time [Stonebridge Remix] - Therese feat. Stonebridge
Here I am [Kaskade Remix] - Kaskade
Everything [Kaskade's Big Room Remix] - Kaskade
Redemption - Conjure One
Extraordinary Way - Conjure One
Serpant Rouge - Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness OST (Yes, I like this song. So sue me!)
Teardrop - Massive Attack
Still Not Sorry [Mr. Sam's Vocal Mix] - Mynt
Raindrops - Stunt
Discoteka - Starkillers
Faster Kill Pussycat - Paul Oakenfold feat. Brittany Murphy
To The Music - COLDER
Xristophan (Fair & Masiello Mix) - Luke Fair
More Lemonade - Bucci Bag (Andrea Doria)
Is It Love - iiO
Chastity - iiO
Kiss You - iiO
Perfect Vision - Montag
Grand Luxe - Montag
Obezyanka Nol - t.A.T.u.
Perfect Enemy - t.A.T.u.
Dangerous and Moving - t.A.T.u.
Breathe (Dex Dubious Radio Edit) - Clare Quilty
The Loves We Lost [Vocal Mix] - Tiesto feat. Allure
Breda 8 PM [DJ Montana Edit] - Tiesto
Heroes - Tiesto
UR - Tiesto feat. Aqualung
Nyana - Tiesto
Just Be - Tiesto
A Tear in The Open - Tiesto
Sweet Misery - Tiesto
Walking on Clouds - Tiesto
If You're Gonna Jump... (Paul Oakenfold remix) - Natasha Bedingfield
World Looking In - Morcheeba

Quote of the Day - August 15, 2006

Yeeps! A bug!

"You think you're better than me? Go home. Let me do my community service."

- Boy George

Yes, Terry O'Quinn, sir!

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Live comments are back!

The comments are back! Now instead of them being verified, you just have to enter the words in the image when posting. Now those stupid robots can't spam me any more and the comments can still be posted instantly. Sorry for that week of boringness. Oh well, everything's back now. And another point for me!

Here's our current score board.
EthanSpamming BotsTomkatTawny KitaenLindsay LohanCondi

Damn! Tawny and Condi are catching up.

Quote of the Day - August 14, 2006

How's a girl supposed to breathe with diamond braces?

"I'm just trying to live but your all up in my grill. How's a girl to breathe with all the media starring down my mouth with a four inch lenz? I just wanna hit the mall with some of my friends."

- Brooke Hogan

Trust me Brooke, no one's all up in that. Let's just hope Pimps R Us doesn't have a very strict return policy on Grillz.

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Jeez that's freaky!

Wanna be scared out of your pants? Come on, you know you want to.

No Joan! Don't go in the house! Listen to Buffy! Don't you remember what happened to Chiharu and Hitomi? That evil blue-black wig will eat you alive!

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Quote of the Day - August 12/13, 2006

Hey, where's Iraqistan, again?

"I'm not afraid of going [to Iraq]. My security guard is going to take me to a gun range when I get back to LA, and I'm going to start taking shooting lessons."

- Lindsay Lohan

Oh dear Lord...Lindsay Lohan owning any type of weapon should be illegal. "Whoops! My bad! I thought the safety thingy was on!"

Bonus Quote!
"It's so amazing seeing one woman [Marilyn Monroe] just going somewhere, this beautiful sex kitten, who's basically a pinup, which is what I've always aspired to be."

- Lindsay Lohan

Good for you Lindsay! I'm so glad to see you have such wonderful goals.

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Britney Spears: "I'm ugly..." "Huh?" "BURP" "Huh?" "Time-Time travel, speed..."

As usual, Britney Spears has been caught on camera (by K-Fed) high or drunk or...just Britney. And of course it was leaked on to the internet. Oops! How on "accident". Anyway, before watching this, please remove all small children and the weak hearted from the room. Oh, and we now of hardcore proof that humans can time travel.

Yeah...She's definitely this month's dose of crazy...
HUH? Y'all, there sure are a lot of purtty lights in this them hotel room. YUM! I just love fish and chips. It taste great with whatever I'm smokin'! Hey Kevin, is it possible to time...travel, through speed? Y'know? Like in that movie with McFly and that guy from the Count Chocula box? HUH?


Quote of the Day - August 9, 2006

I'm evil.
"She was 5-foot-2, 105 pounds, wearing a miniskirt and a halter top with a bare midriff. Now, again, there you go. So every predator in the world is gonna pick that up at 2 in the morning."

- Bill O'Reilly

Yeah, he really said that about an 18 year old girl who was murdered in New York City. Isn't he a sweet heart?

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Quote of the Day - August 7, 2006

Hollawack Girl

"I'm such a lady but I'm dancing like a ho. Because you know what, I don't give a f***"

- The Ever So Classy Fergie "Ferg"

Wow! Kirsty Ally sure did lose a lot of weight.

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Sad News...

I'm afraid I've been spammed. Someone has been leaving advertisement on my comments. From now on, all comments will have to be approved before they are posted. Sorry everyone (especially Blu and Gemma). Well, you know who to blame.

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Who Said It Results - July 31, 2006

I heart Oprah...and nachos
"I was overweight because I used to come home and eat a cookie sheet pan of nachos and watch Oprah..."

- Non other then good old manorexic Ryan Seacrest.

That's an image I'd like to forget.

Poll Results:

George W. Bush, 11 votes, (42%)
Oprah Winfrey, 4 votes, (15%)
Tom Cruise, 1 vote, (3%)
Ryan Seacrest, 10 votes, (38%)

26 Total votes

Once again, I outsmarted all of you. It was close though! Obviously Keith Olbermann came on here and voted a once or twice...or eleven.

PS. This was the quote of the day as well...get over it, I'm busy!