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Quote of the Day (Plus Monthly Dose of Crazy!) - July 3, 2006

Sean Preston! Get down from there!
"I never wanted to go through the accountants. I would just simply get it at Neverland...[By] Releasing of the cows on the estate."

- Michael Jackson (On earning money for his business partner, Marc Schaffel)

Yes Jacko, releasing cows is how I always earn 4 million dollars. Now as you release these "cows", please remember to feed your animals stuck in that freaky Steven King like amusement park! Jeez, those things are dying, y'know.

And for God's sake, get some Sun! Didn't you used to be black?

Wow...For once Imus wasn't the crazy slurred drunk on the air. Times have changed. David Gregory is officially YOUR monthly dose of crazy!


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