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Quote of the Month - June 2006

"I just said to that new sugababes' older sister, 'Are you the mum?' Why did I say that? I didn't think she looked like the mum, I just knew she looked older. "

- Mystery Sugababe

Oh! Ouch...Talk about embarrassing! That poor girl thought the new Sugababes' older sister was her mom. That seems like one of those moments when you feel like you're two inches high. Just like the time I asked Jennifer Aniston if she had seen Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Although, its understandable, a few times people have thought my brother and sister were my parents. I still feel bad for both the Sugababe girl and the sister. Just watching it, you could feel the awkwardness...*hold back laughing*

Anyone know who this girl is?

Sorry Sugababes, I'm not making fun of you. I just thought it was funny!

This is the quote of the day too, by the way.


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