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Quote of the Day (Ro Poem Edition!) - June 20, 2006

Go blog yourself!

"mission impossible 3
i loved every minute
handsome movie star
still dreamy

my tommy

i have loved him
4 eva
and always will

some people u feel u know
unspoken connections
a hollywood tale
4 even
a real life movie star

fame is hard
i found
yet back i go

as g od said
fame is the impending glittering disaster

its hard to hold on
flying a kite in a hurricane
takes 2

off 2 dinner
with joy

- Rosie "Ro" O'Donnell

What the heck is she talking about? The only word I understood in all of that was disaster. Seriously, "Ro", save the poetic stuff for Britney Spears. I only have enough time to make fun of one of you.

And yes, she posts as Ro.
You think I could make this stuff up? '-'


At 10:36 PM, Anonymous A Fan said...

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A Fan

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