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Quote of the Day - June 26, 2006

Ah! Man twins are creepy!

"Lisa started to lose her voice a little when we were in Australia, but the last thing we wanted to do was cancel. So we just sang through it and hoped it would get better."

- Jess Origlasso (of The Veronicas when asked about their tour cancellation)

Y'know Jess, I think I read that it was good to overwork things when they are starting to give out. Isn't that right Britney?

Oh yeah, y'all! Like, right before my world tour, I like, had a knee problem! So like, I just danced on it and stuff. And then I fell! And cartilage was floatin' itself around so I had to cancel. But it was okay because no one was buying the tickets! Oops...I wasn't supposed to mention that part...

What? I'm not implying anything. I just think it's odd, that's all!


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