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Quote of the Day - June 18, 2006

Ah yeah, J.lo loves her creepy ol' 19th century huge butt dresses.

"I've had gray hair since I was 19 years old. I just got lazy."

- Jennifer Lopez

Well JenniFUR Lopez, you claim to be in your mid 30's so that would be pretty early for you to have gray hair...But since you have been caught in a nasty "age fabrication" mess, I would guess you are, oh lets see...judging by your robust behind, maybe you were born in the early 1800's when those dresses with the huge butts were in. You know, around 189 years old or so. The time seems about right for you to be turning gray and wrinkly. Don't worry J.low the fur killa, I hear ALL the ghosts in that haunted plantation in the Deep South are wearing those massive-back-lady-lump-dresses you love so much! Just ask the Black Eye Peas or T.A.P.S.

By the way, like the pic I made? It's only about 90% photoshoped. And yes, I extended the rump an inch...or 12. You have to admit, this one is good. Go to Pixel Us Perfect for more photoshop creations!


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