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Quote of the Day - June 16, 2006

Oh, they must be talking about Mark Geragos.

"No one tells me what to feed my kids. I couldn't believe what I read in Monday's paper. They are taking all the good food out of the school...Did you ever taste healthy ice cream? It tastes like crap. They say to eat fruits and vegetables twice a day. My kids eat fruits and vegetables once a week and they're just fine...When I was little, I ate coffee soup for breakfast, which is coffee, bread, milk and sugar. That was a great breakfast and I am just fine! There is nothing wrong with a child eating cookies, coffee, soda or chips unless the doctor says otherwise. The school needs to shut up and try to teach. I think a chubby child is cute. You can pinch their chubby cheeks. When I hug someone, I like some fat to hug, not bones!"

- Jennifer Johns ("Headlines" Victim on Jay Leno)

Hey Jennifer, I put together a to-do list for you.

  • Get a nutritionist and a therapist
  • Ditch your doctor
  • Hire that surviving attorney to help you with your harassment case involving the school.
  • Contact Jenny Craig
  • Give Lindsay Lohan some lessons on eating
  • Check your damn pulse woman! How did all that coffee soup not kill you?


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