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Mona (2006-2006)

No! It can't be!!! This has nothing to do with stupid quotes but I have to post this! First, I promised I would not get into the WB teen drama, Summerland, when The N started playing the re-runs these past few months. Then, I promised I wouldn't like any of the characters. Then I promised I wouldn't like Carmen Electra's character Mona. Now look what has happened!!! Mona became my favorite character. Carmen played the crazy rocker biker chick who literally knocked down walls of her restaurant with a hammer to forget about her ex-husband. I hate to admit it but it was funny! Then...*sniff sniff*, Summerland starts out a new season with Aunt Ava (Lori Loughlin) drinking lattes in Italy with her "sassy" business partner when she receives a phone call from her other “sassy” business partner back home in Playa Linda, CA, saying there's been a car accident. Of course she doesn’t say who was in the car. Then after a stupid long scene of all the characters getting a phone call, there’s sad montage of everyone at a funeral. At first, I thought “Who’s dead already? Is it Erika? I don’t see Erika anywhere…It better be Erika…Damn, there's Erika.” Then I saw it…Mona’s headshot on top of a coffin.

Shame on you WB! And shame on you The N for always getting me addicted on these stupid shows! SHAME!!!

Mona, we'll miss you...and your leather miniskirts.


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