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Introducing Pudenda Shenanigans

I hate Karma.
At first I thought there was something funny about this Ann Coulter. I mean here’s a woman who claims to hate feminists, but is in her 40’s, single, no kids, is very opinionated and outspoken and concentrates on her career. Ann Coulter is the biggest example of a feminist I ever saw. Then I noticed that in just the right light you could see that adam’s apple and that’s when I recognized our little Pudenda Shenanigans, the hottest drag queen this side of Fire Island.

- Former Co-Worker of Jeremy Levinsohn (Ann Coulter)

I don't think anyone expected this but I know that no one is truly surprised. Allegedly, Ms. Sunshine herself, Ann Coulter, used to be a drag queen in Florida before becoming a living she-devil in the political world. She used to be named Jeremy Levinsohn, and used to go by the name of Pudenda Shenanigans while working as a female impersonator in the gay district of Key West. Then sometime between the 1980’s and now, HE had a sex change and became none other then the ultimate evil, Ann Coulter. Of course this is still just a rumor and might not be true, but I think we all know, its not much of a stretch.

*Heh, heh.*

Talk about ironic! Who would have thought the biggest homophobe woman in the world was actually a transgender female!



At 8:20 PM, Blogger gefilte said...

I saw her in Key West in 1975, she was fantastic!


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