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Who Said It Results - May 31, 2006

I'm British!

"Perhaps I'm a gay man, trapped in a woman's body."

- Non other then the Detroit born "British" pop idol Madonna.

Well, I believe the man part...
Perhaps I'm an idiot, trapped in an old woman's body.

Poll Results:

Condoleezza Rice, 1 vote, (5%) - Who voted for Condi? lol
Madonna, 6 votes, (33%)
Lindsay Lohan, 2 vote, (11%)
Tom Cruise, 9 votes, (50%)

18 Total votes

Huh...I thought Madge would be pretty predictable. Well you picked it. As Ryan Seacrest once said, Tom is a little fem at times. I hope everyone knows I put Tom Cruise on there as a joke! Haha! I thought for sure it would be tied between Madonna and Lindsay.

PS. This was the quote of the day as well...get over it, I'm busy!


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