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Quote of the Day (Plus Carol! Bonus) - May 25, 2006

Girl, that's not asprin!

"Needless to say, I know the Czech word for laxative now."

- Julia Stiles

Yum! Who wants brownies?

Bonus Quote!


"Ok, yeah uuuummm. Let's see what you can get me. Something simple... How about a Dannon Frusion smoothie with a shot of rumplemintz up in there...BY SHOT I MEAN THE WHOLE BOTTLE!!"

- Carol!

Carol! is the best skit ever done on SNL (Besides the two a-holes skit)! Does anyone else think it's as funny as I do? Please leave comments! Anyone have video?

Here's the jingle:

"And then there's Carol!
And then there's Carol!
"Who? Me?"
Sassy, slutty, sexy, skanky. Right on, Carol!"



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