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American Idol vs. Read Or Die: the TV

A few days ago I showcased this odd picture of Paula Abdul and said it resembled Yomiko Readman of the Read Or Die: The TV, anime series.

Yomiko Abdul
I rest my case.

Seriously though, ROD is the best show I've ever seen. Just imagine this, Yomiko (left) has been avoiding this crazy green haired girl, Nenene (right) for a few years. Then while carrying a load of books in her hide out, Yomiko sees non other then Nenene standing in front of her.

Nancy! I found some fascinating books- Oh crap...
Yomiko says "Nancy! (her friend) I found some fascinating books-..." She stops dead in her tracks when she sees her and then after a hilarious 10 minute scene of these two pictures (no sound or movement) Yomiko slowly puts the books down and runs like hell. And that my friend, is where I got the Paula like run-stand-camel-thing above. I love anime!

And yes I know the pics are horrible quality but I took them myself.


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